Well, I’ve run off with that band (again).

My life has been shaken into a brand of reason unfamiliar to most functional adults.  In fact, the only people that really do seem to “get it” are rare and significant and gainfully unemployed.  I have allowed these people to shape every aspect of my ever-expanding world — a world I am extraordinarily blessed to share with the Snarky Puppy family.

In case you have not heard, I resigned from a brief, albeit memorable stint as Music Editor for Pegasus News.  I am so happy to have had the past seven months (that’s Conan-time, babies). I am significantly enlightened in the knowledge that I hate being a shit journalist.  I hate it.  I’m not good at it.  Someone else would be much better at that job than me, and it is time they step in.

You know what I am good at?  Listening to music, working with, and hanging out with musicians — and then talking about it, sure.  This is what my life is comprised of and it is the most beautiful life I could possibly imagine.  The very structure of my life is run by festivals, tour dates, and booking contracts.  That’s the way I like it.

Right now my thoughts are calm — my son is asleep in the next room and the band is in Lafayette with Jess.  Most nights the family is scattered over at least four states and two continents, but the Spring Tour kicked off so most everybody is together.  I’ll rejoin them in New Orleans in a couple of days and then return to Dallas to coordinate a sprawling musical seduction of Canada by way of Jazz festivals (and those adorable sorts of girls who dance with their brains).

I’ve had a few intense jobs that flirted dangerously with the real world, each lasting less than a year and ending in a conversation explaining that no matter how hard I try, I cannot transfer my Pup-related energy to another entity (like pie charts or journalism).  I do try.  But it’s time to stop all of that.  I don’t belong in a day job, I belong on the road at home with my family.  I belong on the front row letting 7-15 instruments decide which way my body will move.  I belong at night.

I am so thankful to Pegasus for taking a chance on a scrappy, nocturnal music fiend like me.  The team is fantastic and I will continue to turn to them for the sort of local news that doesn’t make me want to move away.  I am thankful for each reader who shows their support just by listening to the silly things I have to say.  I am thankful to the musical community for so openly embracing me and standing by my side when I need them most.  And I’m thankful for you, because you are still reading my 2 AM chatter.

I am ecstatic to be returning to the 1099-Wild.  I figure since I’m in this habit of writing all the time, I’ll go ahead and snuggle my way back into the Blogosphere while I finish my book and we can all go on this little journey together.  You in?

As for this space, I’ll be banging on about music — I wager it will mostly fall under the jazz/R&B persuasion (but I’m open to discuss any style that gets my Stank Face goin’).  I’ve got my handy-dandy web cam so you can expect plenty of late night that-was-such-a-great-show-I-can’t-breathe videos.  Oh, and I know loads of charming and talented musicians.  They’ll be here, too.



One response to “Well, I’ve run off with that band (again).

  1. I dig it. Congrats on the life changing decision. I’ve often pondered this as well. I know that no job in the world is going to make me as happy as I am with music, and a lot of ways, I think I am just kidding myself for looking elsewhere. But life happens, and at this juncture in my existence, I can’t ethically or responsibly make that decision. So, to school I go, and I just tell myself that in the future, when things are easier (yeah, right…I know), I will find a way to incorporate the possibilities back into my life. Good luck in all you do.

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