Cookie Pants Interview: Ian Rapien

Behold the scrappy video production of my interview with the highly educated Tenor Sax man, Ian Rapien!  The newly-hazed Pup is in Denton this week soaking in the culture, including a gig tonight at Cold Fusion featuring the Jazz Wizard himself, Fred Hamilton (guitar), Steve Pruitt (drums), and Grammy-nominated Ryan Hagler (bass).

You can nab Een’s tunes for your very own diabolical playlist with his album, Spectrums, and hear him full-Snarky on Tell Your Friends (available at Recycled Books in Denton and online beginning April 11).

Special thanks to Roni Gan for leaving her front window unlocked so we could break into her house and turn it into a make shift talk show studio.


2 responses to “Cookie Pants Interview: Ian Rapien

  1. Good stuff, Sarah. I like that you essentially broke and entered (albeit with permission) to make the interview!

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