Whatcha Gohn Do With All Them Gigs?

Forgive my elusive blog routine, it’s been mad around here the past two weeks.  We lost my primary jazz stage in Denton when Cold Fusion “unexpectedly” shut down, leaving me with over a month’s worth of orphaned gigs.  I had handled the booking the first three weeks the club was open last summer before taking the Pegasus gig, and it was one of my first stops when I later left Peg — the club owner was notoriously difficult to work with, and I wanted to ensure the only jazz stage in Denton not go to waste.

Oddly enough, a business cannot run solely based on what’s happening on stage.  Even Bernard Wright, Ambrose, and Taylor Eigsti couldn’t save that joint.  Oh well, on to the next!

My incredible assistant, Diane, and I immediately set to make the most of this situation.  I have to say, Denton has served me well by stepping up and letting me play with our best clubs.  Hailey’s, Boiler Room, and the Harvest House have opened up their schedules enough to take in a little more jazz.  Herding cats has never been more fun!  Now instead of one cave-like club (that no one wants to hang out in anyway), we get to infest everyone’s favorite spots.  Behold the onward progression of sound — muahahah!

I am particularly excited about what Hailey’s and I are up to.  They are letting me have my way with their bad ass stage most every Wednesday night for the Nica Presents Lounge Series — and the timing couldn’t be better.  Considering Riprocks has shut down their live music on account of young families moving to Fry Street and complaining about the noise level.  This is a bummer, as Sol Kitchen and Bastard Sons of Skoalfield always put on a great show perfect for Denton’s hardcore mid-week hang.  Wednesdays are our Fridays.  We go hard.

To prove to you that I’m not jerking around with this Wednesday business, I offer up Hatch and Sweatervescence on a well-lit silver platter.  The evening will also serve as  Hatch’s CD release party , so you know we’ll  have oh-so-many albums to get into your psycho-funk lovin paws.

Kicking off the night is a little project I found whilst trolling senior recitals at UNT.  I was impressed with Sweaters’ bandleader Tyler Mire’s compositions — anyone willing to write a song called “Nord Storm” is basically guaranteed my ears for at least five minutes.  They’re green as a band, but not as musicians.  With school winding down this week, you can rest assured everyone will be ready to listen to music and drink heavily.

God bless Denton’s Hump Day.


3 responses to “Whatcha Gohn Do With All Them Gigs?

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  2. more jazz in better venues is exciting news.

    side note: young families are really moving to the fry st. area and then complaining about the noise? that’s like moving next door to an airport and asking them to keep it down. they knew what they were getting into. long live the cool beans rooftop.

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